News - - Wisconsin's apprenticeship system began in 1911, the same year as the founding of the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Here are some common questions about the system with answers provided by the Wisconsin Technical College System:
Q:What is apprenticeship?

Ken Notes: great read... great program... great history... Let's hope in 103 years they are reading about what we started 200+ years ago and the positive impact it is having on our youth.

-- Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, 608-266-3332, or

-- Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin, 608-244-5883, or

-- Wisconsin Joint Apprenticeship & Training, 608-221-3321, or

-- International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 890, 17 S. River St., Janesville, 608-752-0321. The union accepts applications for the electrical construction apprenticeship program. Read More At:

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