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U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar applauded Albert Lea’s Youth Apprenticeship Program on Thursday, calling it a great example of collaboration and an answer to dealing with a shortage of skilled workers in today’s industries.

Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minneapolis, stopped in town to learn from three students, local officials and business leaders at Lou-Rich, where the project started.

“You could see the excitement of the high school kids involved in this program,” she said. “It’s a great example of what we need to be doing.”

...The Minnesota program, through the Minnesota Department of Education and the Department of Employment and Economic Development, is modeled after a Wisconsin course that incorporates classroom training, mentoring and hands-on experience. The Albert Lea program is one of two in the state.

Ken Notes: One modeled after a Wisconsin course. Two Invite your senator / congressman to see your program and tip off the press...
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