News - - Apprenticeship opportunities in the United States may be declining, but some federal grants are aimed at helping to turn that trend around.

The phrase "earn and learn" sounds quite attractive to anyone who wants to work in a specialized industry but can't afford to pay education costs. However, apprenticeships and internships have gotten a bad reputation in the United States; where tales of woe from underpaid interns and a uniquely American resistance to putting youngsters on a career "track" have kept industries from using the apprenticeship model as a way of building a specialized, skilled workforce.

Indeed, the Wall Street Journal recently wrote about the decline of apprenticeships.

"There is a growing skills gap in the U.S.," says Jennifer Grasz, vice president of corporate communications for Chicago-based CareerBuilder, which recently put out a survey in which more than half of employers said they currently have open positions for which they can't find qualified candidates. Read More At:

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