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"Middle jobs" provide decent salaries with some additional training beyond high school, without the time or financial commitment of a bachelor's degree.

More than 3 million teenagers are expected to graduate from high school over the next six weeks. For most of them, their choices are stark: Either find a job or enter college.

But there's no reason for students to view their career paths in such extremes as working at McDonald's or attending Harvard, says Anthony Carnevale, director and research professor at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Every year, the U.S. economy offers roughly 29 million "middle jobs," as Carnevale calls them: positions that demand some additional schooling or certification beyond the 12th grade, but not the time or financial commitment of a bachelor's degree.

These jobs are in industries as diverse as health care, information technology, the arts, sales, food service, management, and skilled manufacturing,...

Ken Notes: We agree and will still almost half not entering post secondary training we must identify ways of shaping their future without the college mandate.
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