News - - The adage about “walking a mile in someone’s shoes” has taken on new application as one of the individuals who puts high schoolers to work in local businesses is herself spending time in one of those jobs.

Heather Edwards, the youth apprenticeship coordinator at Colquitt County High School, has been involved in the cooperative project of the Georgia Department of Education and the Governor's Office of Workforce Development.

The title of this project is "Teachers in Industry," according to a press release Edwards forwarded. The idea behind the project is for teachers to have on-site experience at locations where students might be placed for work-based learning experiences.  Colquitt County High School offers a Work-Based Learning program to all students who meet the...

Ken Notes: Not a bad idea here, especially since all our teachers come from academia and few have other management or work experience. Some V Tech excepted. I have always thought that an exchange sabbatical where teachers and business leaders change roles for even a week or two would be a good idea.
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