News - - For years, the Urban Institute’s Robert Lerman has been bugging us about apprenticeships. Just last year, amid the push for a “common core” curriculum, he asked on this page, “Are college and career skills really the same?”

It’s not that Lerman, an economist at American University, is against going to college. For Lerman, it’s about reducing youth unemployment and increasing economic mobility. Holding everyone to the same expectation of going to college, Lerman argues, reduces equality. “Over 20 percent youth joblessness, and still no apprenticeships?” he lamented last year.

Plenty of youth, Lerman argues, don’t want to be on the college track and won’t finish if they go; if they enjoy producing things, they’d be better served learning a trade, where they’ll have a shot at economic mobility and pride in their work....

Ken Notes: We agree!

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