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The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development this week announced the release of $2.2 million in youth apprenticeship grants for the 2014-15 school year. Dane County received the largest grant, at $341,276, for programs in south-central Wisconsin.

Founded in 1991, the program trains hundreds of high school students each year for jobs in fields with worker shortages. The program covers 40 occupations and includes a blend of on-the-job training and technical-college-level instruction at the participants’ high schools. Students who finish the two-year program get a certificate and graduate with the skills needed for an entry-level position in their field. They also may receive technical college credits.

Ken Notes: We are sort of repeating the same story here from a variety of sources... but this is a big deal! Please forward at leas one of the articles to every business in the state, we have created a ground swell of interest now we need the tidal wave!!!!

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