News - - Dan Neff’s storefront, Lake Superior Art Glass, is located on Superior Street in Duluth. Dan himself is a thirdgeneration Iron Ranger who was raised to see the value in not only hard work, but good work. “Working for my grandfather, Larry LaPatka, he always preached, ‘Do it right or don’t do it at all,’” Dan explained. “My entire business is built off of this motto and I instill this in my staff.”

On May 31st, Lake Superior Art Glass celebrated two years in business. Naf Glass – Dan’s personal line of art glass – is now eight years old. (Naf is the original Swiss spelling of Neff.) His work is on display at the storefront, which is also where he works, teaches classes and displays the work of 60 other glass artists from around the region and across the country. Lake Superior Art Glass does custom artwork, gives live demonstrations and rents studio space to other glass artists. Gallery items include jewelry, vases, bowls, paperweights, sculptures, wine goblets and more.

Dan started blowing glass in 2003. Since then he has completed a 3-year glassblowing apprenticeship, done self-education of glassblowing through practice, videos and tutorials, and has taken classes from worldrenown glass artists.

Ken Notes: Dan is also sharing his "space" with others. We need to encourage this type of growth in all fields and in all walks of life. It is difficult for a traditional educational institution to teach some skills, but they need to be in a position to round out the education of those learning from the masters.

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