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Not only are Democratic candidates for office urging a minimum wage hike in the hopes of connecting with low-income voters, but progressive groups are trying to place advisory referendums on the issue on ballots around the state. The goal is to both send a message in favor of raising pay for lower workers and to get low-income voters, who typically vote at much lower rates during non-presidential election years, to the polls.

The strategy, which Democrats have championed in past years in other states, is gaining Wisconsin some recognition in the Huffington Post.

Ken Notes: We really need to change the discussion here from minimum wage to a promise of skilled jobs that pay a living wage. Raising the minimum wage does not lift the economy or the opportunities afforded our youth. Providing a clear path to a career dose. Also this should not be a partisan issue it should be an everyone issue. Please join the discussion and make your voices herd.

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